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Have you ever visited a place which woke so many emotions that you enjoy remembrering it on your "rainy day"? Have you ever met people so pure that they inspired you? Do you remember the day when adrenalin rushed though your body and you felt like a champion? Have you tasted the food so delicious that you close your eyes now thinking about t?

That is the exact feeling and experience I want you to have after returning from Voyage De Luxe vacation!

You deserve only the BEST!


Varvara Haaxman
Varvara Haaxman

Travelling charges my battery. I travel for novelty, excitement and breeze of fresh energy. I like to discover new paths, hidden gems and dig my feet in sand of warm beaches. I feel like fish in any warm :) water.

My calling is to help you find the unforgettable spot on Earth you will call Paradise. By getting to know you I create what you want, but most importantly .........................WHAT YOU NEED.


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